Exhaust adapter files for 3D printing

Below is a zip file containing the STL and STEP files for a set of Exhaust and Cooling Tray Adapters for the Bullet R1. You will find three folders in the zip:

Folder “A” contains the Exhaust Adapter.

Folder “B” includes Flexible Hose Connector to connect with “A”.

Folder “C” contains a Cooling Tray Adapter. If you drill out the 4 holes and attach 4mm magnets then this will simply click on to your cooling tray.

Please print using ABS or Nylon. PLA will not hold up to the temperatures. We recommend using the most heat resistant material available.

3D printing these parts comes at your own risk, and Aillio will not be held responsible for any damages or losses.

“A” – Exhauster Adapter

“B” – 100mm Flexible Hose Connector to be used with “A”

“C” – Cooling Tray Adapter