Ordering a Bullet R1

How is my Bullet shipped to me?
You can purchase directly from us on our Online Shop via credit card or direct bank deposit. If you pay by credit card, you should first alert your bank about your intent to purchase the Bullet R1, as some banks may automatically block the transaction. Detailed direct deposit instructions are given during checkout if you choose to pay by direct bank deposit.
Shipping or Pickup?
We ship all Bullets via PostNord – MyPack Home – or via DHL Express delivery to your door. Spare parts etc. also shipped with PostNord – MyPack Home. The price depends on the size and weight. It is also possible, by appointment, to pick up your roaster in our showroom / office in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.
Delivery time
We state 2-3 weeks delivery time on our website, but we have experienced that it can vary a bit depending on the demand internationally. Contact us about current waiting time.
Can I buy more than one Bullet R1?
Yes, write an email to [email protected] and let’s find the right solution.
Is it possible to buy in installments?
No, not right now. but it’s something we’re working on….
What other parts should I order with my Bullet?
There is no need to order additional parts when you place an order for a Bullet R1. It already comes with IBTS, chaff filter, bean cooler, trier and tool kit. However, some users order an extra chaff filter to reduce the time spent cleaning if you roast back to back.

General questions about Bullet R1

What is a Bullet R1 and who is it for?
Bullet R1 is a 1 kg induction heated drum roaster. Users are able to set preheating temperatures and control power (P1 ~ P9, 350 ~ 1550 Watt), fan speed (12 steps) and drum speed (1-9) during roasting. Infrared Bean Temperature Sensor (IBTS) generates real-time data and displays it as a profile curve using our RoasTime software. These profiles can be shared with other users on Roast.World and can be played automatically. The roaster comes with a bean cooler, chaff filter and tool kit. It also includes a trier to take samples of the beans during roasting. Bullet R1 is ideal for home roasters looking for a roaster with more capacity and control. It can also be used by professionals as a sample roaster or as a supplement to freshly roasted beans for the café. Many have also used Bullet R1 to open small roasteries. You can read more about Bullet here.
Is it easy to roast coffee on a Bullet R1?
Yes, it can be easy to roast good coffee on a Bullet. Our “Getting Started” guide is a wealth of useful information for new Bullet owners and also includes some examples of roasting profiles “recipes” to get started right away. But you should preferably have a plan if you want to quickly get acquainted with coffee roasting and to be able to make good decisions during a roast. While most people love the fine control during the toasting process that a Bullet R1 offers, it can be difficult for beginners. Some may feel overwhelmed, especially if they have never roasted coffee before. The trick is to limit the number of variables to begin with. To get started, you can e.g. choose one drum speed, one fan speed and one smaller batch size – maybe 400 g – and stick to it. This way you can roast several times just by adjusting the power during roasting and thus start to get an idea of how changing power affects the roast.
How do I learn to roast coffee on a Bullet R1?
Our “Getting Started” guide has a lot of useful information about roasting on Bullet R1. You can find other Bullet owners on our Community Forums. There is also a very active life on div. unofficial forums on Facebook.
Can I use a Bullet R1 for business purposes?
Yes and no. Bullet R1 is not designed for commercial use and there is a limit of 100 kg / month to maintain your warranty. If you need to roast more than this, look for a roaster with a larger capacity. We do not recommend that you trust your Bullet as the only roaster for your business, as in the event of a problem that requires troubleshooting and / or repair, there may be some downtime that may affect your business. That said, there are many examples of successful micro roasters and cafes that make use of one or more Bullets. We also see many companies start with 1 kg roasters before they grow large enough to 5 kg and 10 kg roasters.
Does a Bullet R1 produce a lot of smoke?
Yes. How much smoke will depend on how much coffee you roast and how dark you roast it. For example, a 500 g batch of coffee that is lightly roasted will produce far less smoke than a 1 kg roast that runs past second crack. In the latter case, be sure to ventilate the smoke outside or use a good air purifier or just ventilator.
What about warranty?
If you buy directly from us, there is a 2-year warranty that includes spare parts and labor. You can read more here about the warranty
How are repairs and spare parts handled?
If you purchased your Bullet R1 through a distributor, contact them for troubleshooting, spare parts and repairs. If you have purchased directly from us, please contact us at [email protected] for troubleshooting, spare parts and repairs.
Does the roaster require maintenance?
Yes. Professional roasting machines require routine maintenance. How much needs to be done and how often it needs to be done depends entirely on how much you shake, how often you shake and how dark you shake. Detailed maintenance recommendations can be found in the manual.

Technical questions about Bullet R1

How much can I roast a day?
There is no limit to how much you can roast a day, but there is a monthly limit of 100 kg to maintain your warranty.
What is Bullet R1 ideal batch size?
What is meant by “ideal” may vary from user to user, so it’s up to you. The Bullet’s Infrared Bean Temperature Sensor (IBTS) will provide useful data in the range of 200g and 1000g, and it is fully capable of taking 1kg of batch and achieving the first crack in a reasonable amount of time. The batch size that suits you ultimately depends on how much coffee you need and how fine control you want over your roast. While it is certainly possible to run the Bullet R1 at full power and finish a 1kg grid in under ten minutes, you may find that it limits your creativity. This is one of the reasons why some users prefer 800 g batch.
How long should a Bullet cool between each roast?
A Bullet does not need to cool between each roast, thus allowing for back-to-back roasting. This means you can start a new batch while cooling the previous one. Consult the manual for more information.
How can I ventilate a Bullet R1?
Bullet R1 is not supplied with a vent solution. This means that you may have to design a solution yourself. How this is to be done depends on many factors. Those who have a tendency to roast lightly and in small portions can most often use a regular hood. If you roast dark and in larger batches need something more than a hood. The manual gives you good advice on how to best make a vent solution. We offer 3D printable exhaust adapters on the website to make things easier for you. Another option is to use a smoke purifier.
What is the difference between v1 and v2?
There are two main differences between the v1 and v2 Bullets. 1. version 2 utilizes a new and improved induction board which you can read about here. 2. Version 2 also includes the new infrared bean temperature sensor (IBTS) which you can read about here.


Can I use Bullet R1 with Cropster or Artisan?
RoasTime 3 is not currently compatible with Artisan. And even though we plan to be able to interface with Cropster, it is not possible at the moment.
What software can be used with Bullet R1?
Bullet R1 only works with our own RoasTime 3 software. The reasons for using RoasTime are many. Compared to manual roasting, data-driven roasting gives you a better chance of understanding exactly what is happening in your roaster. It is a powerful learning tool that, when supplemented with roasting experience and cupping results, will lead to much better coffee than otherwise possible. It also opens up a world of “Recipe” -based automatic roasting modes and the ability to exchange roasting profiles with other Bullet R1 users. An even more important reason to roast with RoasTime is to keep your firmware up to date and upload troubleshooting data to our servers. This way, in case something goes wrong with your roaster, our support team will be able to look at its data and resolve your issue. It is an incredible troubleshooting tool that saves all time and in fact some problems can * only * be identified with this online data (!)

General questions about Aillio

Where is Aillio?
Aillio Headquarters is run by a team in Taipei, Taiwan.
How can I get to work for Aillio?
Aillio in Taiwan is always looking for engineers with SolidWorks experience. If you are interested send your CV and an application to [email protected]
Are you working on developing a new roaster?
Yes, we are working on a 2 kg fully automatic shop roaster designed for busy cafes, which we expect to release sometime in first half 2022. It has been named AiO.